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Hanamachi_04 by azumigaiden
Old photo from the Hanamachi event that happened in November of last year.

This cosplay give me proud too because I passed so many stress into import, comission and make some parts that it was ready to use two days before the event I used it first. I regret none of it and it's very possible for me not ever sale this one (together with some other costumes I love a lot.)
Me as Koujaku from Dramatical Murder

Photo and edition by Zyla CWB
What I'll gonna do? by azumigaiden
What I'll gonna do?
That moment when Corazon is in an impasse in about taking his older brother to the marines since in reality he's a marine himself. Beautiful story this character has.
Me as Donquixote Rocinante (Corazon) from One Piece

Photo by Burtingnon 3D

A little color edition by me.
Meeting Centro Otaku Akatsuki 2015_01 by azumigaiden
Meeting Centro Otaku Akatsuki 2015_01
Had a meeting today of the group of anime/manga/geek lovers today and decided to use my Corazon again. Despite I used it for just a couple of hours because of the heat it was fun to incorporate him again.

Me as Donquixote Rocinante (Corazon) from One Piece

Photo by Carla Sakura-cha
Damn, an year and half passed since the last entry of this fanfic… A lot of things happened that made my life upside down. For example I started a specialization last year that is taking its tolls and also cosplay things related and such. But despite this my long absence I see people liking and favoriting this fanfic as another ones of mine. My big thanks to you all for this. \o/

So now to the story.

Rate: M

Main Pairing: SinbadxOC

Warning: Sinbad and Ja’far are characters from the series Magi, The Labyrinth of Magic, which belongs to Shinobu Ohtaka. The OC belongs to me.

Summary: Samantha never thought that in one fateful night her life would change drastically, in a way that is exotic and, at same time, very pleasant.
Chapter 7 – The Night which She Suffers

Samantha never thought in her life she would be in such difficult situation that she is now. Her thoughts running wildly, questioning herself if the king was already on that bush for a long time. If he heard her speech, well, she is damned.

The woman thought that going to a remote area at night-time no one would follow her. So now she was completely mistaken. Sinbad is a curious person by nature so he would find out sooner or later why she is behaving so strangely towards him. At least she thought like that because about getting his curiosity.


When Sinbad leaves the place Samantha relaxes, feeling that now her shoulders aches for being so tense and the fingers of her left hand aching because of the clenching on her pants all the time. Dropping the quill of her fingers she leans her back on the chair, hands holding her head up, asking herself what the hell she is doing.

I never thought you would react like this, my queen. I must say that you had a lot of backbone to speak such words to a king, even more as this king is Sinbad himself. You have luck that Sinbad is a lenient king at the point to not kill you for such defying words.

‘This is another reason that he’s my favorite character. He’s a king that people really needs, not a dictator which uses the citizens like dolls.’

Yes, he’s like this however even his clemency has a limit. Don’t push your luck, his advisor has a very talented tongue in making Sinbad believe that you’re his enemy.

‘I know. However by all means I need to show to him that I’m not an easy woman. Did you saw how he’s touching me lately? As much as I want him to touch I can’t let because… It’s not forever…’

Just think carefully, my queen. This might bring consequences that you probably don’t want to happen. – With that Sitri disappears form her mind, letting the brunette be with her thoughts. She threads her fingers on her hair, her want is to just fist them tight and take them off form her head. If she knew things would be so complicated she would refuse this little adventure of hers.

Sensing that she couldn’t work anymore on the current papers on her front, then the brunette closed and arranged them on a neat stack in an corner and then gone quickly off the library, her destination in mind is to go outside. Silently as she can she wanders through the halls to go to the entrance, using the shadows that it provide to hide from people that walked nearby. Finally she reaches the entrance, looking to the side and then to the other to see if anyone is around. None to be found, she goes to the garden, which slowly her mind consumes her attention while she walks oblivious into the gardens. Fingers pass through soft petals of the flowers, the perfume that they exhalants being felt by the brunette. Such beauty make her heart clench, knowing that will not last long enough.

Her eyes instantly goes up, looking at the tower which belongs to the king, the balcony as also what she could see from the window things inside quiet and dark. Samantha really wishes to be courageous, go inside that room and just show to him through words and body how she likes him. To be able to touch that long purple traces and that bronze skin. To smell the cinnamon and jasmine scent he emanates…

She stops near a tree, the flower which scents his hair at her very front, the white petals with yellow details looking so pale in the moonlight. The woman picks up the flower, holding it between her hands while visioning her putting it on his hair. She sighs deeply, the agonizing feeling that she couldn’t has what she wants because she is just a stranger that wants the love of a king making the brunette feels desperate. So, still holding the flower on her hands, she quickly runs away from the garden, oblivious of the attentive golden gaze looking her form get out of the palace.

The brunette runs wildly through the dark and empty streets, the sound of her sandals hitting the stone being on the background while she perceived a place which she can turn on her cellphone and listen her music to clear her mind. She doesn’t sense until she reaches the forest, slowing down a little when fear invades her mind by entering such scaring place. Taking deep breathes and getting fierce she enters the area. Her hearts beats so faster on her ribcage that at any movement or sound on the area makes she quickly runs her eyes to dark area. Finally the girl reaches an opening, the light of the moon literally being the light at the end of the tunnel for the brunette. She walks more and sits on the grass, soon pulling out her device and putting music to play in.

Do you breathe the name of your savior in your hour of need,
And taste the blame if the flavor should remind you of greed?
Of implication, insinuation and ill will, 'til you cannot lie still,
In all this turmoil, before red cape and foil come closing in for a kill

Hugging her knees and still holding the flower that is miraculously in one piece, so then the tears started to fall, the lyrics of the music certain in an way about what she’s truly feeling. She opens her teary eyes to see her necklace shining, soon the blue embodiment in human size of her djinn appearing on her front, she saw the blue feet encased into a beautifully gold in white sandals, seeing him kneeling on her front, which made her quickly lower even more her head. Soon she felt a pair of hands encasing both sides of her head, making it rise against her will. Her brownish and teary gaze looked at him in the mist of the blurry, a smile that would be equiparates with the one Yunan makes, his thumbs dries the tears from her cheeks, which after she feels him lean his forehead against hers, his sweet scented breath as also his closeness making the young woman blush. Instinctively she tries to retreat from him however his hands has a tight hold there. – “Don’t shy away, I’ll make nothing that you would despise.” –

Her eyes rises to his bluish ones, seeing that the inner circle of his iris is yellow, and then this yellow mixes and turns into the familiar blue. Quickly she gazes down to the flower on her hand, to embarrassed to let her djinn to see herself like this. - “Isn’t like I despise you, Sitri. I just don’t like to people to see my weaknesses. I bet you’re probably thinking that I’m such a weak and egoistic human to crying over such thing instead of crying over important things.”

- “Well, at the very first I found you a egoistic person that is using yours powers for selfish purposes instead to make something useful...”

- “But I never thought I would have such powers...”

- “However it’s so rare for people to wish to live in such environment, without all of the comforts the modern life of yours you’re so used to live that I thought really amusing. So then I just gave a try. And now, we’re here.” – Once again the brunette raises her eyes to him, now completely surprised by his words. – “I should say that is very entertaining for such being like me to see how mortals acts in relationships, even better with the loving ones. Also I’m really surprised in your reactions. I thought you would jump on him or just shy away, however you do both.” – One of his hands passes through her hair, putting the strands behind her ear.

The brunette snorted at his comment. – “More easier said than done, Sitri.” – Her forefinger slide slowly on the delicate petals of the flower, the motion as a pretense to control the shivers that threatened to appears because of his hand. Slowly she rises to her full weight, and gives a step back. She need to spill everything here and now before she say to the wrong person. Sitri raises an eyebrow, his arms crossing over his chest while he looks intently to her. - "My queen, why are so sad like this?"

She run her hand on her hair, the want to fist it and provoke some pain to clear her mind and her desperation. - "I feels like I'm betraying his trust." – She whispers it to the djinn despite her state.- "So then I run so I can at least her my music without people asking from where it comes or what the language is." – Samantha started to pace around, hands moving frantically while she spoke. - "Think with me. Judal just came into the room and started to harass me. Fearing my death I fulfilled his whims. But the worst of it that I started to enjoying to touch him."

- "But my queen, he wasn't the first character you started to like when you first saw the series?" – Sitri questioned her, looking at her moves and speech with amusement. The djinn stopped the next words that he would profane by sensing a presence in a near bush, soon realizing who is. However he kept himself quiet interested in how this situation will ends. So he let her continue.

- "I know, I know. But then my tastes changed and I started to like Sinbad. He's so confident, so strong and so pretty that I'd fallen high over heels for him." – Her eyes now focusing on the blue male on her front.

- "You accepted this little adventure of yours, my queen. Now you can't go back until your time expires."

She closes her eyes, sighing in desperation. – "But I wonder how I live after this ends. How I'll cope with myself after about knowing that the fictional character I love so much from a universe I enjoys a lot. How I'll cope that Sinbad in this parallel universe, walks, breathes and talks when the one I belongs he's just some traces and lines on a white piece of paper. How I'll live knowing that I like a person that really don't exist?" – Suddenly a bush nearby rustles, making the dread settle on Samantha’s heart. She slowly turns to look at behind, seeing a tal and very angry king there, arms crossed on his chest. Purple and full browns knitted together as his golden eyes mixed with confusion and anger.

- "What is that weird speech you're voicing? What is about this fiction you speak of? And above all the things, who in the hell are you?"

End Flashback

- “Well, speak woman. Or the cat got your tongue?” - Sinbad says at the scared brunette, which Samantha realized him eyeing suspiciously her as also the djinn that had walked to her side, after feeling him putting an arm protectively around her shoulders. She saw briefly the golden gaze following Sitri’s, which the young girl realized that his scowl deepened. She internally Wonders if it’s a creation of her desperate mind or if the king is feeling something else besides anger of betrayal.

“I... I...” – Her fingers fumbled with the fabric of her clothes, her eyes quickly looking away from his gaze and not returning. Seeing him already angry and that emotion towards her was already painful enough for once.

“Well, you see, your majesty...” – The djinn started, helping his master since she seems to be too much emotional to speak. – “You know very well how fate can be twisted at the point to make insane events to come true.” – He gives a squeeze of reassurance on her shoulder and then starts to walk towards the older human. – “Which they’re twisted enough to make the future to see the past as also the past to have a glimpse of the future.” – The brunette raised her head, looking at how the djinn made Sinbad’s attention goes slowly and slowly to the himself, but also she saw his hand going to the hilt of his sword. Sitri’s smile never faltered despite Sinbad wanting to strike against it. After all probably the king knows very well that his own powers couldn’t match the djinn’s. – “My master said the truth about her name and I must say she’s a quite fan of yours.” – With those words Helena raised her head, feeling her cheeks getting very warm. The brunette looked at the king’s face, his angriness now disappearing to only stay into surprise and confusion.

- “What? Fan?” – His golden gaze traveled to the immortal being at his front for the woman a few meters from there. – This is sounding so ludicrous since everyone is a fan of mine.”

- “But it’s true.” – Samantha spoke, some steps given at each said word. – “In my world, you aren’t real. You’re just a pretty mix of well-drawn lines and well painted colors made by someone that lives in a country a thousand miles of mine. You’re based into other fictional character from a book that was created a thousand of years ago.” – Unconsciously she pushed Sitri aside, making the older man gets fully attentive on her words. With shaking fingers she reached for his large hand which was on the hold of his sword and took it, placing it between her hands. – You shouldn’t exist… this universe shouldn’t exist and yet here I am, breathing the air, standing on this grass, being able to feel that you’re pretty much alive and real in the same way I am.” – Her fingers curls on his limb, feeling the callous which was on his palm as also how warm the skin is. – “And you have no idea how happy I’m to be at the person’s side which inspires me so much.”

At each word she said the young woman feels her face getting hotter and hotter at what she spoke, as also her eyes seeing that Sinbad’s eyes widening as also his jaw getting slack. Finally she finished her speech and them his expression didn’t changed a single bit, which made her more anxious about what he’s thinking. – “Please, say something to me.”

Apparently those words made the king get out of his trance because suddenly he gently removed his hand from her grasp, his eyes closing tight, the hand now pinching the bridge of his nose. He starts to pace, his head moving into a negative nod while he gazed at her. – “You’re a good story-teller, young one. I would believe if it wasn’t so much fantasist to be true.” – She sighed in desperation, quickly she looks to the sides, spotting her book and then retrieving it, passing through the pages she found what she’s looking for. – “Can you see it?” – She pointed at the big tittle in English. The purple-haired male got closer, looking at it with more confusion.

“You know very well that I cannot read what is written in this language of yours.”

Samantha quickly looked at her djinn. – “Can you translate it to the Arabian?” – Sitri promptly nodded, one bluish finger touching the slight yellowish paper, the words there turning in the familiar curvilinear lines of the Arabian alphabet. As the glowing ended, the male got closer, eyebrows scrunching up more and more at each word he read. – “This book is called ‘Arabian Nights’. – Samantha looked at the tittle which was beautifully printed on the page. – Here there’s a collection of fictional tales that happened in certain countries a thousand years ago of my era. As you read, this tale is called ‘The Seven Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor’, which tells a story of a single man which had to deal with a lot of things during his adventures, as also how he got rich as a sultan.” – The brunette raised her head, sensing Sinbad’s gaze deeply bored on hers, attentive at her words. – “In my world, you was shaped and formed from this tale.” - He took a deep breath, his gaze now at everywhere except her. In Samantha’s eyes probably the king was thinking in conclusions about she said but she waited for the worst.

- “And I thought the craziest things only happened in my real or faked adventures but you surely got in the highest level. Now I know why you’re a good story teller.”

- “But it’s not a lie…”

He raised his hand, signalizing her to stop to say more words. – “I may be look stupid but I’m not, miss. Time travel is impossible…”

“Not for the ones that possesses this kind of skill.” – Sitri cut in, his bluish eyes looking at his queen. – “These powers was granted for any djinn but we’re forbidden to use. However her wish was to live in such era and as a loyal servant I fulfill it… In parts, I must say.” – A smile appeared on his lips, which comforted Samantha’s heart a little. – “At first I thought that it would be wrong since this parallel universe shouldn’t exist however I was wrong…” – He looked at Samantha, now his words directed to her. – “Apparently this era truly existed at a stance, which your wish made it granted and then you’re here.”

Now was Samantha that looked confused. – “I made it true… No, I don’t have power for this, unless…” – Understanding passed through her mind, which quickly the djinn made her stop.

- “This is a talk for another time, my queen. I believe you own to a king an explanation.” – Sitri’s body started to glow and then disappeared, the glowing going directly to Samantha’s necklace, which make the object glows brighter and then disappear, letting the girl now alone with Sinbad. Slowly her gaze drifted to him, seeing that now his arms are crossed on his chest, eyebrows still furrowed and his gaze almost glaring like to her. Obviously he’s mad and Samantha feels like she betrayed his trust. Her eyes shifts down to the grass, her hearts panging painfully, knowing that at his eyes she’s a traitor in some way as also knowing that she’ll not have so soon what she truly desires coming from him.

- “Do you know what will be consequences of these actions, woman?” – The sudden change of words coming from him in that cold voice makes her breath stop and her heart scrunches even more in pain. This is bad in so many ways, to feel like this because she knows that she’ll suffer in the end. In her head she scolded herself; She knew that something like this would happen so she had to refuse this little adventure when she got the chance. She blames her stupid curiosity for all the pain that will come after.

‘God, I’m so stupid.’ – “Will you lock me up on a cage?”

- “The consequences such as yours would be prison for the entire of your life or expelled from my kingdom to never come back. However since it didn’t bring any harm to me or to my people I can soften up a little…”

- “Just lock me up.” – She didn’t let him finish his phrase. – “After all I don’t have too much time left. Very soon I’ll return to my own world and I’ll be gone for good.”

Sinbad closed his mouth, sighing. He started to walk towards to her, probably punishing her for her insolence in stopping his speech however he just passed at her side, which after she realized he’s going for her cellphone. – “This will be with me.” – The he walks to her and grabs the book. – “As also this one.” – His gaze directed to her. – “If you want to be locked up, fine then. But I’ll make sure that the time you’ve left here no one will harm you, after all I still own to you that time you saved my life on the streets.” – He makes a simple nod, signalizing her to follow him.


Careful with the book and that strange device, Sinbad treated the objects just like it was made of glass (well, in a sense, one of the parts of the small black object looks like to be made of). After ordering one of the guards to take the young woman in one of the most distant room that has on the tower and lock her there and also ordering that absolutely no one except himself and his generals could enter that room. After that the king walked directly to his chambers, happy for being inside the room. He put Samantha’s possessions in a desk while wondering if he’ll be able to sleep after he found the truth, then he goes to the bed and sits on it. Giving a dry chuckle, he looks at a shadowed part of his room. – “Ja’far, what a pleasure to have your willing presence in my room. Do you need something from your king at this hour of night? After all I can give plenty of things in any possible ways.” – He wriggled his eyebrows to make his point.

Ja’far seems to be unfazed by the innuendo on Sinbad’s words. – “You can do nothing my king, except to tell me why you were outside at night.” – The younger man appeared from the shadows silently, the greyish gaze piercing the other. Sinbad instantly pouted at that, feeling like that he’s the guilty one that will be scowled. – “Care to explain?”

- “To confirm some of mine suspicions. “ – The advisor frowned at his king words. Sinbad had to must up all of his strength to not roll his eyes at Ja’far’s expense. – “I thought you was following me there as I thought that your question before was rhetorical. I guess I was wrong…” - He muttered the last words, which made the younger man sigh in annoyance. – “I just found out that our story-teller is very good, even when she speaks about her story.” - Took some seconds until Ja’far could understand what Sinbad was saying, his face that was expression confusion soon turning into understanding and then a smile appearing on his lips. The older man knows that the smile which the white-haired man portrayed right now is a type of smile that only reserved for bad things.

- “Should I do something about this, my king?” – The purple-haired man saw that pretty greenish irises flashes, knowing very well that deep down the assassin’s side that Ja’far possesses is still there, wanting to torture his victims, which would be now the brunette, just mere words from the king and her life will meet its end. But Sinbad knows that he’s kind of attached to the young girl to punish her in such ways. His curiosity is stronger than his good reasoning. Curiosity and need to have her to be more precise.

- “She doesn’t seem to be a threat yet. If what she says is true so we do have a huge problem in our hands that might affects us all.” – The king looked at the window, thinking of his options. – “If any of our enemies knows who and from she had come, they might use her as a target to passes through.” – He turned his serious face to his advisor, seeing that the younger male looked at the him knowingly. – I want you and Yamuraiha to speak to her, more like tell to our mage to use her spells which she is developing on the story-teller and you to supervise for me. Report me as soon as it finishes.”

Ja’far nods, but them once again looks at the disorganized desk of his king. – “Also I’ve a last to thing to say to you, my king.” – Sinbad looks back, waiting for the worst to be said. – “Finish your reports.” – Then the advisor leaves, leaving a groaning king complaining of the none existent mercy of the younger man.


Last night the presence of Masrur is surprising when the fanalis man appears before his king. The king almost jumps of his skin caught off guard of the suddenly appearance of his general. Samantha would giggle if her situation wasn’t worse than ever. Sinbad speaks with Masrur, the pinket nodding at his kings words for after gently taking the brunette’s arms and take her to her cage.

Instead of going down to the dungeons she is led up, which is surprisingly for the room she is currently leaving the past now four days. After pushing her inside the room Masrur locks her up there, she goes to the handle and tries to open however the door doesn’t budge. She was locked up on the very comforting room, which a lot of memories she holds dear of her time there haunting her mind. It’s like to be there is worst way to suffer than remaining in a cold dungeon. She can’t cry out loud, the beautiful horizon of the moon mocking her of her demise. She picks up a chair, moving it to the balcony and sitting there, observing the night and moon giving up the place for the sunrise. Her thoughts like a tornado, her logic saying to end up things right now and return to where her life are normal and boring instead of this adventurous one, at least she was free there as much as 21 years old girl can be. In not being the mocking jay caged in its comforting cage like she is now.

She hears her door being unlocked and steps of people inside the room but she doesn’t move of her seat. Maybe is someone that brought something for her so she ignores. A warm and soft hand touches her bare shoulder, making the brunette jumps of her place and take some steps back. She meets the comforting smile of Yamuraiha and the serious face of Ja’far. Upon seeing how the advisor is looking at her she gets concerned. – “What do you guys want from me?”

Ja’far doesn’t move an inch, making Samantha be more frightened of what might happen but Yamuraiha places both of her hands on the other woman’s shoulders, grasping Samantha’s attention, the mage’s face changing from the smile to a serious one. – “My king asked for me to speak to you, to listen your version of the story. I must say that what Ja’far told me about what you said, about you being the future is quite unimaginable but for someone that breathes magic everyday could be possible. So I need to you to seat there again and let me work on this little magic on you.” - Samantha frowns, looking again to the white-haired advisor, which makes the girl even more apprehensive. – “Oh don’t care about the grumpy one there; he’ll not bite unless you give a reason.” – The brunette laughs at the other woman’s whispered words. Sitting again the brunette sees the mage moving her staff while chatting some words, bubbles appears and one of them settles on the brunettes head and the other over her hearts. Samatha’s eyes open wide and her jaw drops, seeing and sensing the bubbles disappearing inside her as also the strange feeling of something moving inside. – “Now my dear, those bubbles are spell I created for interrogation purposes while the conventional method doesn’t work.” – Samantha shiver at knowing at what those conventional methods means. – “My king said that we don’t need to be cruel so I imagined that will work as well. Now relax and tell me your story.”

Taking a deep breath she tells her how everything started, since the time she go to sleep and awoke to find herself in and dungeon and met Sitri, how he spoke of her powers and her time limit. Yamuraiha’s expressions changed every time Samantha said something, in some stances being more and more incredulous. Samantha also noticed the almost indistinguishable changes of Ja’far’s impassive face. She ends her speech, realizing that Yamuraiha had placed a chair at her front and now sitting there and Ja’far had moved from the shadows of the room and now is some steps behind the mage. – “And that is what happened until now. Apparently one of my djinn powers enabled me to do the unthinkable, to be able to live in a fictional world with fictional characters. But as my time here passes more and more I think that is really the real world in the past. And that is why I’m afraid of, the more I stay I get attached and more will be hard to live and then later realize will not be a second chance.”- At the flick of the mage’s wrist the bubbles that was inside the brunette goes out of her body and pops on the air. – “What she says is true Ja’far. Happy now?”

The advisor nods and turns to leave but the sudden movement of a chair makes he looks back, seeing the brunette standing up and looking to the floor. – “I must leave. I can’t stay anymore here. This needs to stop before gets worse, my mere presence is making your lives changing and I can’t afford to something worse to happens.” – Yamuraiha rises of her chair, putting her hands on the other arm. – “You don’t need to; after all you’re making our king to behave himself.”

- “See that is… Wait, what do you mean by behaving himself?” – She frowns.

- “I mean that Sinbad isn’t having more night time visits of some promiscuous girls on his chambers as also he’s drinking less.” – She after whispers. – “I would even think that he’s obsessed about you to the point to forget the pleasures of the flesh.” – Samantha stiffens, feeling her cheeks getting warm and hearing the mage giggling.

- “I don’t know what are you talking about… Anyway, my point is I can’t stay anymore because of the single thought that Sitri said to me: “The future while happening the past make it changes, which consequently changes the future, which is my present. Something I do here may or not provokes changes that will happen to my present.” – She looked at them panicked. – “Oh my God, I even can make my life changes for a thing I don’t wish for.”

- “But it can change for better.” – The brunette stops her rambling when she hears the voice of her current obsession. Sinbad that since the beginning of her story made himself hidden in the shadows of her room reveals himself on the sun. All of them as so absorbed on her speech that they failed to realize his presence. – “Now let me predict your future, Samantha. You’ll not leave here until your time finishes, otherwise I’ll make all of my seven djinns hunt down your djinn and make you comeback, or even better, I’ll make Sitri bring me to the future and I’ll make your world upside down.” – The other three have their jaws dropped, looking stunned at the king and his nonsense.

- “But my king, you can’t time…”

- “How wish to say that to you and now I’ve the moment so… Be quiet, Ja’far.” – The advisor glares and the older male but Sinbad doesn’t care, his mind working on his next words. Then he looks straights at the object of his obsession. – “And now I’ve another prediction both of our futures, story-teller. And that will be good for both of us.” – He grasps her hands and pulls her from out of her room, his eyes glinting on devilish ways while he feels his heart pumping faster, his body warming up at what he’ll do. His mind is now solemnly focused of reach his chambers and be damned the one who will stop him of that.

End of Chapter
The time is comiiiiiiiiiiiiiing.

I hope this chapter is good for you guys. And no, I don’t know when I’ll update another one because the specialization I’m taking involves in game production, so it’s a quiet and also enjoyable work to do.

Please, review! o/
Arabian Nights_07
Almost an year and half later I decideto update it. However I don't which I'll update more since my cosplays and my especialization are getting to much of me. XDDD


Next chapter: (Will be posted soon)


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Hello there! I’m running a group called Literature-Critique and wonderin’ of you’re interested in joining? The goal I strive to achieve with this group is to give the best critique possible for stories/poems submitted. Each story or poem that is submitted to the group will not be accepted until a critique has been created. Once you see your story accepted, there should be a critique from one of our admins in ways to improve your story, or if there’s nothing to improve how great it is, (which would be rare mostly because everyone has room to grow and improve).


Right now we are looking for admins to critique and spread the word of our group. If you are excellent at grammar and love to read, then volunteer for an admin position. If you want to improve your story or to just get feedback, them become a member and submit your work.


We do not flame, but we do give constructive criticism. If you don’t like to hear anything negative, (just ways to improve grammar or the flow of your story), then this group is not for you.


Come check us out. We’ve just opened up!



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This is a message sent to [almost] all my watchers and/or people I watch [because holy shit there's a ton of people] here on deviantART: I'm moving all my professional work to a different account. This one will remain so I can keep in touch with the wonderful people I've met around 'ere, but it's highly unlikely any submissions will be made.
If you're interested in my work, check here: :iconluchese-bernart:

Essa é uma mensagem enviada a [quase] todas as pessoas que me seguem e/ou que eu sigo no deviantART [porque jesus tem um monte de gente aqui]: estou movendo todo o meu trabalho como fotógrafo profissional para uma conta diferente. Esta conta permanecerá ativa para que eu consiga manter um contato mais pessoal com as pessoas incríveis que conheci por aqui, mas é altamente improvável que eu vá adicionar qualquer trabalho aqui.
Caso queira continuar a acompanhar minha fotografia, cheque aqui: :iconluchese-bernart:

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Olá membros do #MangaBR, tudo bem com vocês?? Estou aqui para lhes convidar a participar do nosso primeiro “Feature Day”:, estamos tentando fazer do grupo, um grupo mais ativo!! 

Contamos com a colaboração de vocês, seja participando, criticando, convidando membros, sugerindo atividades etc etc!! 

(Ahhh e me desculpem o spam, caso queiram, podem apagar essa mensagem, como não consegui enviar por NOTE para todos, estou enviando por comentário!!) ^w^

Da nova gerente,

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Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee \o/
vlw por me add Gio *_*
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Sem problemas XD
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